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Matthew Delprado

It's nice to finally meet you.

I'm am a creative with an art and technology background that lives in Sydney, Australia with my wife Rachel and our dog Charlie.

I am currently the Creative Director at Profero.

I dabble in traditional advertising, but my real passion lies with the way people use technology, especially the web. I prefer to work in environments where I can have an ongoing, direct relationship with clients so that I can get to know their business problems and strategic goals. I beleive the future of advertising is working with clients to make products and services, not just pieces of communications material, otherwise know to consumers as "crap".

I have a varied background having worn many hats including those of a designer, a developer, an art director, user experience designer, a studio manager and a creative strategist. I find it works best when I wear many of these hats at once.

Here, you’ll find some of my recent work, both professional and personal.

Action Pact, Greenpeace
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With the UN Copenhagen summit approaching at the end of 2009, Greenpeace wanted a campaign that gathered signatures against their proposal for a climate change package, and that also allowed users to come up with a slogan against climate change, the best of which would become their core climate change slogan.

The action-pact site allowed people to create their own pack man that would be sent to Copenhagen to demand a better package from the world leaders. At the end of creating their pack man, they also received video of a news report from a fictional copenhagen news station reporting the living pack man roaming the streets of Copenhagen, with the users own pack man featuring as the leader.

This campaign won an Aimia Award in 2010 in the Science, Health or Environment Category. It was also awarded as an Offical Honoree at the Webby Awards.

Dove Go Fresh, Unilever

This cute, modern and playful site is designed to house a simple online competition.
20-something girls were encouraged to send in a photo of what they considered 'fresh'. Users fished photos out of the stream that ran through the site to check out the entries and vote on their favourites.

As the competition finished, the site showed little signs of slowing down. So we added a casual flash game to allow girls to take a minute out of their day to refresh.

My personal best is still only 85,00. I have no idea how anyone scores over 200,000 - but my hats off to them.

dove go fresh home dove go fresh photo dove go fresh products dove go fresh game
Myconnect, Telstra

When demonstrating new technology that is innovative and simple to use, you need an interface that is beautiful and simple as well as a story that quickly shows it’s real world benefits.

We created a series of shorts that highlighted the features of Telstra’s new MyConnect suite. Each video was short and to the point when viewed alone, but when viewed all together a simple story of a couple trying to organise their night out with friends showed the larger benefit of using all these features together.

Telstra My connect demo screenshot Telstra My connect demo screenshot Telstra My connect demo screenshot Telstra My connect demo screenshot Telstra My connect demo screenshot
On My Planet, American Express

American Express had great success with its "My Life, My Card" campaign, but in 2007 it was time to develop a new creative platform. Ideas were developed world wide, and eventually a direction called "On My Planet" was selected to be developed further.

Myself, and Ogilvy Sydney's Direct Marketing Creative Director participated in a regional creative development workshop in Singapore, where our treatment was selected and eventually rolled out world wide.

The treatment was used through multiple campaigns here in Australia and overseas to great effect. Here you can see examples of both local and international work.

Planets local example 1 Planets local example 2 Planets local example 3 Planets international example 1 Planets international example 2
Naming Luk Chai, Taronga

As the first step in a larger digital strategy, I worked on the plan for the first successful baby elephant birth as part of Taronga’s asian elephant breeding program. For this job, I was a strategist only and played no role in the design or art direction.

For the birth we designed a competition to get the public to help name the new baby. To help engage the public we created a blog for the keepers to post information about the baby’s family on the lead up to the birth, and then continue to keep a baby diary after little Luck Chai was born. This involved training non digital-savy staff about blogging as well as working out the various logistics of public communication from “the ground”.

In addition we created other galleries games and even an Augmented Reality toy to help kids lean more about the plight of the asian elephant.

Stronger than expected results encouraged Taronga to start making even larger strides into blogging.

Baby Elephant dairy screenshot
Concierge, American Express

The American Express Platinum Card has a unique feature – a dedicated team of concierges at your service, 24 hours a day.

When looking into this Card, you’d expect no less than a guided tour of its many features. On the other hand, you could also expect to be able to take a more personalised journey through the features that interest you. Or perhaps you’re the kind of person who would just like to get the essentials up front. Whatever the case, this Microsite was right up your alley.

Other features included the ability to download your personalised journey to be viewed offline, as well as the ability to send it to a friend. Or a partner that still needed some convincing.

concierge home guided tour personalised journey card essentials
6Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mather

2008 marked the 60th anniversary of the Ogilvy Agency worldwide. Agencies from all over the world found different ways of marking the occasion. I was the Art Director for this screensaver and range of wallpapers that adorned the digital workplaces of my colleagues during the celebrations.

I also learnt some hard lessons about attempting to do stop motion photography in the middle of a busy road.

Wallpaper Screensaver
Stop The Rain, Coke

I was the Art Director and Developer for this game created to run in conjunction with Coke's 'Endless Summer' campaign. The game had my colleagues pitted through many a lunchtime of “play-testing”. They were locked in fierce competition for the grand prize - a candy bar of their choice (well done Sean).

However, some things are just not meant to be, and the project was cancelled after all development had been completed.

Come to think of it, I owe Sean a Cherry Ripe.

Stop the Rain Home Stop the Rain gameplay
Kuler Blur, Personal Work

This screensaver was developed to give myself a little bit of colour inspiration throughout the day. It didn't hurt that it gave me an excuse to learn about the Adobe Kuler API.

This screensaver pulls its colour sets from the most popular sets in the last 30 days.

Kuler Blur sample